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I care and I am HERE for you, now and always via telemedicine through all the phases of this pandemic… ~Dr. Tanya

Living a healthier lifestyle may actually be easier for you, in this phase of the “new normal”…..BUT some of you are feeling unsettled, lost & anxious; anticipating the unknown and what’s to come. The journey matters as much as the destination (where the end journey=pandemic over and everyone back to work). The journey changes you and shapes the person you become along the way. I want to help you gain inspiration and motivation from it and not just survive it, but thrive through it.


Eventually if and when I head back into the office physically; I will continue to combine telemedicine into my practice for you. I’ve discovered that for many patients it’s simply more *convenient*. Telemedicine helps my patients to be more efficient avoiding traffic, parking, or an unpredictable driving time. You don’t have to stress over child care planning or getting back to work. High performers short on time can squeeze an appointment in from work, home or school on a break. Some of my patients even cook while we consult. This is an excellent and accessible option for anyone who is unable to meet me at either of my clinic locations.⁠ ⁠


Time is something we all could use more of.  Over the last few years, before COVID19 days I discovered that time was a major limitation for many of my patients to get the care they needed.  So I began offering Telemedicine consults.

This is an excellent and accessible option for anyone who is unable to meet me at either of my clinic locations through and BEYOND COVID DAYS. I have been gradually increasing my availability for telemedicine since 2012 and will continue to increase my availability further in 2019 and into 2020. Since March 2020 this has been my only method to help you. I will ALWAYS offer this service. I’ve been a licensed Naturopathic doctor since 2005 practicing in Vaughan but I can now help patients across Ontario since my practice is now run through the JANE APP virtual platform.

What if I need to be examined or need further testing?

If in our telemedicine consultation, I deem it necessary for you to be examined by a physician, then I will refer you to a walk-in doctor or back to your family physician for a physical exam or diagnostic imaging. If you need baseline or follow up blood work, I have the ability to send you a signed requisition that you can take to a LIFE LABS (billed privately) or once again send you back to your family doctor (billed through OHIP). We can review the results together at your follow up visit. If you are being monitored for weight loss, I will ask you to measure your waist circumference, and weight on the scale before each visit. I will teach you how to measure your waist circumference during your appointment, if you don’t know how. Also, if you are being monitored regularly by me for lifestyle changes, nutrition changes, fitness levels, blood sugars (if you have type two diabetes), high blood pressure etc. I will ask you to keep a record of your progress and send this record to me by email before your visit so we can discuss your progress in your allotted telemedicine visit time.

How does it work?

I use a simple, secure, video platform where we meet face to face. called JANE APP. Specifically for telemedicine consults we will not be meeting at a physical location. For those in remote locations, minimize your commute and access naturopathic care from the convenience of your home. You will need WIFI access.

Step 1: Please email if you would like an appointment on a Wednesday/Thursday/ Friday/Saturday please specify 2-3 preferred times and I will connect you with our receptionist to book an appointment with you.

Step 2: Fill out your intake form that will be e-mailed to you before your visit, from JANE (a secure electronic medical records website) so you are not spending your valuable visit time filling out forms. Dr. Tanya Wylde, ND will best prepare for your visit by having the ability to review your completed questionnaire before your appointment. This process allows for a more effective & efficient first visit.

Step 3: Before your appointment look for your appointment email from the JANE Electronic Medical System that will confirm the time of your appointment and provide you with a link for your telemedicine consult. At the time of your appointment you will be emailed a link to a video conferencing platform called JANE. This platform allows us to communicate face to face through video or via audio only depending on your preference. If you are using your computer then all you have to do is click on the link and we will be connected.

If you are using a smart phone you will need to first download the free  JANEAPP If you are using a tablet or computer you will need to use GOOGLE CHROME to access use the JANE Electronic Medical Records (EMR) platform. It is all very straight forward and simple to set up. You will get an email notification just before your appointment. Just click the button from your email and Dr. Tanya will join you at your appointment time.

Step 4: Have an enlightening, informative visit with Dr. Tanya Wylde, ND. For more information on this visit; please click HERE

Step 5: Discuss your treatment plan. And, when indicated laboratory requisition is sent directly to you to take to a nearby lab for testing. Supplement recommendations are shipped right to your door through a platform called FULLSCRIPT.

Step 6: Processed payment and receive a receipt eligible for naturopathic coverage to be paid back to you from your health insurance company.

Step 7: Set up appropriate follow up appointments as needed on your journey to Optimal Health.

Please note my areas of focus are mostly conducive to Telemedicine care: Metabolic and lifestyle goals, type 2 diabetes, stress, fatigue, weight management, fertility, women’s health care concerns, chronic digestive concerns, mental health concerns. A referral is suggested when something falls outside the scope of practice or requires a physical exam.

What To Expect

All initial appointments are booked as a First Visit Naturopathic Medicine Appointment. The initial consultation is between 60-75 minutes for $275.  (Follow up Naturopathy appointments range from $53 – $205 depending on the time required) This allows me to assess each patient through multiple health systems to better arrive at the root of your concerns. These appointments can be billed through extended health insurance under Naturopathic Medicine. For more information on what to expect, click HERE

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