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Natural Labour Support

Labouring naturally is most definitely achievable!  Dr. Tanya Wylde can attest to this as she has had the wonderful experience of attending natural, non-medicated labours (meaning no induction, no epidural and no intervention).   Dr. Tanya herself has had the personal experience of delivering her son, Gryffin naturally, without any intervention with a midwife and a doula (her doula was her friend and previous associate; Eileen Park, ND)  Obstetrics and childbirth can be very unpredictable but there is a lot that you can do to prepare for a natural childbirth.  Start by taking really good care of yourself before you conceive and through pregnancy; eating right, exercising, stretching (doing yoga and perineal stretching), gaining a healthy weight and avoiding complications such as gestational diabetes and hypertension.  Dr. Wylde’s goal is to help you prepare for a natural, non-medicated childbirth (yes, our bodies and babies can handle natural childbirth and no you don’t have to have an epidural; in fact it’s safer without one!!) by setting you on the right path.  Dr. Tanya will help guide you through a healthy pregnancy and help prevent delayed labour with an acupuncture protocol starting at week 36 that has been proven in research to  help to ripen your cervix and prevent post-dates.  She will help you develop a birth plan that will help facilitate a natural childbirth.  Dr. Tanya strongly encourages that you and your partner practice hypno-birthing and guided relaxation exercises through your entire pregnancy with an emphasis on birth affirmations and birth rehearsal imagery in your last trimester.  Dr. Wylde will coach your partner to be your “birthing champion”/ doula or help you chose a doula if this is part of your birth plan.


For more information on natural childbirth preparation read Dr. Tanya Wylde, ND’s  blog titled “Take good care of yourself through pregnancy to increase your chances of natural childbirth”


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