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Sports Medicine

At The Center for Health and Rehabilitation Dr. Tanya Wylde, ND works closely with the physical medicine team to help weekend warriors and elite athletes prevent injury, enhance performance and recover from sports related injuries.

Injury Prevention

A commonly overlooked area of an athlete’s training plan is a personalized, sport-specific injury prevention plan.  Sports injuries often occur near the beginning of the athlete’s season and are caused by issues such as overtraining, muscle imbalances and biomechanical issues.  Dr. Wylde, ND works closely with the physical medicine team at the Center for Health and Rehabilitation to help athletes to develop an individualized injury prevention plan that prepares you for the demands of your sport to prevent injury and down-time from training.  This proactive approach allows our athletes to experience fewer injuries, improved sports performance, and maximizes the efforts of their training season.


Sports Nutrition 

A proper sports nutrition program is essential for optimal training gains, recovery and event performance, yet often an athlete’s training plan has little focus on this valuable aspect of training.  Performance is much more than simply training, because the quality of nutrition affects the quality of your training; poor sports nutrition = suboptimal performance.  Dr. Wylde, ND works with athletes to construct a personalized, sport specific nutrition and fueling strategy to help you maximize training gains and achieve peak performance in your sports event.

pre- and post-exercise fueling   ·   event fueling   ·   hydration strategies


Sports Rehabilitation

A sports injury can seriously derail an athlete’s training schedule, so Dr. Tanya’s goal is to help you recover as quickly as possible so you can get back into the game.  Together with the physical medicine team at the Center for Health, Dr. Tanya, ND uses an evidence-based rehabilitation approach that not only treats your injury, but also address the cause of injury to prevent recurrences.

acupuncture   ·   ultrasound   ·   laser   ·   soft tissue mobilization   ·   oral and IV vitamin therapy

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