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Health Care Providers often referred to


Walk-in Doctor’s I have previously referred to for second opinion:

Dr. Mahreen Razzaq, Maple Walk-in Clinic (Keele and Rutherford)

Team Maple Walk-in Clinic
2200 Rutherford Road
Unit 101
Vaughan ON  L4K 5V2
Phone: (905) 731-5535 Ext. 1
Fax: (905) 417-7888


Dr. Sadia Saddiqui, Woodbridge

10395 Weston road
Woodbridge ON  L4H 3T4
Phone: (905) 832-6862
Fax: (905) 832-6824

Dr. J. Juhasz

9200 Dufferin Street
Unit #2
Concord ON  L4K0C6
Phone: 9054173125
Fax: 9054173105

Also practising at 2640 Rutherford Rd, Unit 100, Concord (Vibrant Health) 


House calls–Vaughan:

National Home Doctor: or 416-631-3000 (OHIP Covered, after-hours, home visiting doctor, servicing Toronto, Brampton, Markham, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Scarborough and Vaughan)

House calls–Durham Region: or 905-619-6641




Adult and Pediatric walk-in:

3910 Brock Street

Phone: 905-444-9493

Cross roads: Brock Street and Taunton, Dr. Nagel and Dr. Daiter are amazing!

Pediatric Urgent care:

Durham KidsKare-Pediatric Urgent Care,


1615 Dundas St E and Thickson, Whitby


Any of Dr. Greenberg’s associates:

7131 Bathurst Street
Suite 206

Thornhill, Ontario
L4J 7Z1

Tel:  905-731-7596 
Fax: 905-731-4975

Any of Dr. Bluestien’s associates:

Richmond Hill Children’s Clinic

250 Harding Blvd.

Tel: 905-737-9898

Pediatric Kinder clinic:

200 Taunton Road, Superstore at Taunton and Brock Street, offers paediatricians services (referral required if not going during walk-in hours) and walk-in services for children

Phone 905-444-9636



Dr. John Vu in Courtice, Ontario, is a friend of the family and an amazing doctor, not accepting new family medicine patients but does accept new palliative care patients.

For new palliative care referrals in the Ajax-Pickering area,
please have your health care provider send the referral to 
fax 905-721-6186 or securely emailed to

Courtice Health Centre
1450 Highway 2
Courtice ON  L1E 3C3
Phone: (905) 723-8551 Ext. 4808


Massage Therapists

Michella Menolascina,

Claudio, Donnie and Pat are all excellent & effective Massage therapists (at my location in Woodbridge)


Chiropractors in Vaughan:

Dr. Dom, Dr. Claudia and Dr. Joey at CHR!




Amit Bidaye and Duong are excellent physiotherapists both located CHR and Vibrant Health in Vaughan


In Durham region: (physio/chiro/massage):

Joint action physio;  (289) 274-5399

Nelly Temraz, physiotherapist

Jonathan Chang, Massage therapist

Rehab Aboushita, Massage therapist

Teesha Geevarghese, Chiropractor

Other chiropractors I’d recommend in Durham region:

Dr. Michael Coulas at Awakened life Chiropractic


Physiotherapists specializing in pelvic floor rehabilitation in Vaughan;

Kathy Ng or Nelly Faghani

9100 Jane Street
Building A, Suite 102
Vaughan, Ontario
L4K 0A4

Phone #: (905)760-PROS (7767)
Fax #: (905)760-0393



Dr. David Clair (specializes in anxiety, depression, men’s health and couples therapy) & Dr. Cathy Giardano (specializes in children, teens and couples therapy)

8077 Islington Avenue Vaughan, ON

(905) 850-0334

Family Counsellors 


Bio-identical Hormone Doctors:

Dr. Rebecca Bodok-Vaughan


9901 Keele Street, unit 109

Maple, Ontario

L6A 3Y5

Tel: (905) 951-3428

Fax: (905) 951-9716


Dr. Timea Belej Rak-Richmond Hill




Dr. Caroline Turek, Brooklin Medical Centre, Whitby


Fertility specialists in Vaughan:

Dr. Feyles and Dr. Tiao Kattygnarath

Procrea fertility, Vaughan, Ontario

Suite 400, 955 Major Mackenzie Drive West

Vaughan ON  L6A 4P9

Phone: (289) 357-0100 Ext. 5223

Fax: (289) 357-0101


Fertility specialist in Richmond hill 

Dr. Timea Belej Rak-(we’ve worked together to help many patients and I co-authored her book “Embrace your fertility




Midwives: (located at Keele and Rutherford)


Doula/post-partum support/sleep training support:

Claire Anne Galagher, Toronto, Vaughan and Durham Region!)



(need referrals from family doctor)

Dr. Sean Rice (Located at Leslie and Sheppard), also does Synvisc and Orthovisc injectables to knees for OA at CHR (Located 25 Main Street, in Markham)


Sports medicine Doctor for Hyluronic Acid injections in knees

Dr. Nick Christidis, MD

BSc, Dip Sports Med

General and Sports medicine practice

1333 Sheppard Ave. East, Suite 226

Toronto, Ontario M2J 1V1

Tel 416-850-4064

Fax 416-850-6681

For knee injections etc. (Orthovisc/Synvisc etc.)


Dr. Rice also does knee injections for OA in our office at CHR!



Atily Gunaratne

7777 Kipling Ave Suite 105
Woodbridge, Ontario. L4L 2Z3
Tel.905-266-2199 or
Fax 905-266-2155

Osteopathy X
9 – 27 Roytec Road Unit 104
Woodbridge, Ontario
(647) 456-9183 Chris Vincent

Environmental Health Specialist (requires referral from your OHIP MD)

Dr. Riina Bray, MD

A physician (family doctor) referral is required


Survivors of Sexual Abuse struggling with addiction and/or PTSD:


Other excellent Naturopathic doctors in the Durham region:

Dr. Eileen Fast at Barefoot health in Ajax

Dr. Lindsay Self at Brooklin Village and Spa

Dr. Jason Loken in Brooklin




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