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Natural Hormone Balance

There are many hormones that can be out of balance including but not limited to thyroid, insulin, estradiol, testosterone, progesterone, cortisol and DHEA.  These hormones are all very interconnected and influence a number of bodily functions.  Supporting the body with the use of *bio-identical hormones is one approach that we use to re-set an imbalance in the hormone cascade, however simply replacing hormones is by no means the complete solution.  With the use of bio-identical hormones, we may find that a patient’s hormones are now in the “normal range” on blood tests however patients might still feel the same symptoms. This is why we begin treating hormone imbalances by working to support the patient’s liver, digestive system and adrenal glands (stress hormones) by working on sleep, exercise and nutrition and by replenishing nutrients that are found to be deficient with the use of supplementation.  If the patient is still experiencing unresolved symptoms then it is at this point we will address the specific hormone deficiency (such low thyroid or low progesterone) with the use of plant hormones and/or bio-identical hormones.  This approach provides a long term health solution since helping a person achieve overall balance first either allows for better response from subsequent individual hormone treatment or it makes treatment with one specific hormone unnecessary.  I incorporate a combination of modalities to create a personalized prescription for hormonal health –which may include a nutrition prescription, detoxification (aka liver support), bio-identical hormones, supplements, stress management and exercise.  My holistic and comprehensive approach to hormone imbalances has helped hundreds of patients restore their health for the long term.

What a lot of people worry about the safety of HRT.

“A principal investigator of a land- mark women’s health study says initial results that linked hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to breast cancer and heart attacks were mis- leading and distorted for publicity.”  Find out more here…

*Note:  Dr. Tanya Wylde, ND has been prescribing bio-identical hormones since she graduated in 2005 through a family doctor she used to work with in Vaughan, Ontario; Dr. Jean Grieg, MD.  Since Dr. Grieg retired in November 2018 Dr. Tanya Wylde, ND put the time in to study for the therapeutics and prescribing course and exam; summer of 2019 and is now qualified in Ontario to prescribe Estrogen, Progesterone and Thyroid hormones as of October 2019.

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