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Natural Hormone Balance


Did you know that men also go through a type of “male menopause” called andropause around the time that women go through menopause?  This hormone shift usually occurs between the ages of 45-55 can affect energy, mood, immune system, muscle mass and strength.  In order to move through this hormone shift with ease, Dr. Tanya coaches you on the best way to take care of YOU, incorporate healthy stress management tools, exercise, eat right, supplement appropriately and get your testosterone tested, addressed if low and monitored.


Men can also develop hypothyroid (generally from hashimoto’s thyroiditis as the cause which is an auto-immune attack on the thyroid) and hyperthyroid (aka grave’s disease caused by an auto-immune attack on the thyroid).  Nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle changes can help you feel better with these conditions and in some cases reverse them!



We often don’t think about diabetes as a hormone imbalance when in fact it is!  Insulin is a hormone and diabetes is caused by insulin resistance!  Dr. Wylde has helped many patients reverse their type two diabetes using effective evidence based treatments without judgement and full understanding as her father died at 62 of a heart attack caused by this condition so she is extra passionate about helping those with type 2 diabetes.   She also lives with a condition called PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) which is a condition driven by insulin resistance so she works hard to eat and exercise to prevent the onset of type two diabetes.  Her personal and clinical experience along with her evidence based research and practice can help you effectively reverse and/or manage your type two diabetes.


Many times, men forget to put their health as a serious priority and delay going to the doctor when they feel awful worrying that something scary is going to be found!  What’s most important is to arm yourself with the tools and the grass roots basics of healthy living, including nutrition and exercise, supplemental prescriptions and lifestyle and stress management specific fo you so that you can mange or reverse any condition that comes your way.  Dr Tanya likes to help you keep your unhealthy genes quiet or silence them if they’ve been flipped on.

Dr. Tanya frequently sees men in her clinical practice and is happy to help you on your journey to optimal wellness and get your hormones back into balance!

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