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Dr. Tanya prefers professional brands for her patients that are third-party tested (meaning a third party (outside source) tests the company’s products and ensures that what they say is in the product, is truly in the product and not just “fillers”).  Professional health products are also hypoallergenic and studied in small clinical trials.  Some examples of the professional brands that Dr. Tanya recommends include Thorne, Pascoe, Metagenics, NFH, Douglas Labs, Genestra, Restorative formulations, Ascenta Professional.  For your convenience Dr. Wylde is connected with an online store called “Full Script” which allows her patients safe, secure and better accessibility to these products online.  There is also an in-house dispensary at “The Center for Health and Rehabilitation”.  If you would like to shop online, please place your order above.  If you would prefer to shop from the Center for Health and Rehabiltiation where she works, please contact her receptionist HERE.  For local health food stores in the Vaughan/Woodbridge area that carry some of the above professional health product lines, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

If you prefer to go to a health food store in the Vaughan/Woodbridge area rather than using Dr. Wylde’s in-office dispensary or virtual/online store, consider:



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