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Age Gracefully

We can’t stop aging, but Dr. Wylde aims to help you slow down the aging process and help you age gracefully!!  Eating the right foods, exercising, optimizing your nutrient status and correcting any imbalances can go a long way in keeping you healthy; and looking and feeling young as you age.  Dr. Tanya’s goal is to help you limit your oxidative stress levels (oxidative stress is what makes you age quickly) and optimize your anti-oxidant levels (anti-oxidants are what reduce oxidative stress).  Anti-oxidants can be found in high-levels in a healthy diet and certain supplements.  Dr. Tanya can help you chose the right diet, exercise routine and supplement plan that fits your personal history, family history and lifestyle to help you age gracefully!

If you are interested in aging gracefully, consider getting the following tests done as a baseline and then re-tested after treatment:

Oxidative stress test-urine

CoQ10 levels-blood

If aging gracefully is one of your main goals, also ask about:

Facial Acupuncture

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